SCORM Content Aggregation

For content developers the biggest question is often "How do I make my existing e-learning content SCORM conformant?"

    Content is generally compatible with SCORM if:
  • It can be delivered via a web-browser
  • It can be self-contained (i.e. packaged with all dependencies wholly in a ZIP file)
  • It does NOT depend on server-side scripting languages (such as JSP, ASP, and PHP)
  • It does NOT depend on external files or external URLs
  • It does NOT depend on downloadable components that must be installed by an administrator

    General steps for making e-learning content SCORM conformant:
  • Ensure content meets SCORM compatibility requirements (above)
  • Organize all content files (including dependencies) into a single directory structure
  • Define and describe the content using an XML manifest file as described by SCORM
  • Package all the content and necessary files into a ZIP file

SCORM conformant e-learning content can be packaged, deployed to, and delivered via any SCORM conformant learning management system (LMS).

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