SCORM Conformance

One of the primary purposes of the SCORM standards is to define interoperability between learning content and learning management systems. Through SCORM conformance, content packages and learning managements systems together acheive such interoperability.

A SCORM-conformant content package can be delivered via SCORM-conformant learning management systems and SCORM-conformant learning management systems can deliver SCORM-conformant content packages.

The ADL is responsible for officially certifying SCORM content packages and products, such as learning management systems and authoring tools, as conformant. However, the ADL does provide conformance test suites from their website that can be used to validate SCORM content packages and software within your organization. The ADL must perform conformance testing to be officially certified.

SCORM Adopter Partner

The ADL's SCORM Adopters program includes organizations that practice the implementation of SCORM specifications through the design and development of products and services that meet SCORM conformance guidelines. In addition to recognizing software such as Trident, the program also recognizes SCORM content packages and learning management systems that meet conformance requirements.

JCA Solutions supports the SCORM Adopters Initiative and is a recognized SCORM Adopter Partner. Trident has met the SCORM 2004 conformance guidelines set forth by the ADL to be recognized.