Run-Time Data Model

The Run-Time Data Model provides a standard set of data model elements used to define the information being tracked by for a SCO. In its simplest form, the data model defines data model elements that both the LMS and the SCO are expected to "know about". The LMS must maintain the state of the SCO's data model elements across learner sessions, and the SCO must utilize only these predefined data model elements to ensure reuse across multiple systems.

Both the RTE and a SCO rely on the data model for functionality. Values for the data model elements are set and retrieved by SCOs via the RTE API's GetValue() and SetValue() functions. Some elements are read-only (set only the LMS).

Trident has built-in support for the SCORM Run-Time Data Model. Trident contains HTML and JavaScript editors for SCOs that have content-assist for the API data model.

Data Model Elements

More information on RTE Data Model elements coming soon...

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