Trident IDE

Trident is an integrated development environment (IDE) for creating, testing, and packaging SCORM 2004 content.

  • Trident is more than an editor, it is a fully integrated development environment
  • Trident packages content for any SCORM 2004 LMS (learning management system)
  • Trident makes SCORM 2004 conformance easy, even if you are new to SCORM

Trident - The SCORM IDE

Select Features and Benefits

  • Create SCORM 2004 Conformant content packages with simple wizards and templates
  • One-click content package preview
  • One-click content package and manifest validation
  • Edit Manifest files, including Sequencing and Metadata, with simple forms or raw code
  • Integrated XML, HTML, and JavaScript editors
  • Organize content elements with drag-n-drop and undo/redo
  • Learn advanced SCORM techniques with comprehensive help and documentation
  • Deploy content packages compatible with any SCORM 2004 conformant learning management system (LMS)

Who's Trident For?

Trident is for anyone creating and packaging SCORM content, as well as developers of SCORM-based products. Trident allows you to harness the full power of SCORM, even if you're new to SCORM.

Trident�s integrated tool-set makes creating e-learning content and complying with SCORM standards easy. It is the most powerful and comprehensive tool of its kind.

More about Trident

Trident provides support throughout the full SCORM content development life-cycle. Users can create reusable content objects, organize them into learning experiences, test and validate the content, and package the results for deployment to any SCORM learning management system.

Trident goes beyond disparate utilities to bring together a comprehensive, integrated tool-set. This type of application, providing an end-to-end solution, is known as an integrated development environment, or IDE. Trident is "the SCORM IDE."

Trident provides users the ability to use one tool for SCORM content creation and packaging, from start to finish. All of Trident's output is based on open-standards and doesn't use proprietary file-types or formats, so it can be used with other tools and existing content as well.

SCORM development typically requires understanding of several technologies, including XML, HTML, and JavaScript. Trident has integrated tools and editors to support each of these. Additionally, Trident supports and understands the specific vocabularies, application programming interfaces, and data models standardized by SCORM.