Releases and Notes

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Releases and Updates Explained

Trident "Updates" come fairly often as we continually improve Trident. Updates typically have new functionality, feature improvements, and maybe a bug fix or two. Updates are easy to install from directly within Trident. Updates are referred to by a three number version, for instance 1.1.2.

Trident "Releases" don't come as often as updates. Releases represent the introduction of new features and more significant changes in terms of functionality. They are major milestones and are usually referred to by a two number version, for instance 1.2.

Because Trident is a relatively new product, releases and updates have been coming at a pretty steady pace. This is because JCA is constantly developing new features and integrating the suggestions from our growing base of Trident users. We love user feedback.

Version Numbers

It's common for software to have version numbers that look something like 1.0, or 2.5.1. Many software providers use a similar X.Y.Z versioning scheme, but the meanings aren't always exactly the same. For JCA Software and Trident's version numbers: X = platform version, Y = release version, and Z = update number.

When JCA Software announces a new release we give it a number like 1.2. This means it is Trident version 1.0, release 2, and update 0. For updates we refer to all three numbers, like 1.1.2. Updates typically come every couple of months, or as needed.

Downloading Trident Releases

Sometimes a new releases require you to uninstall your current Trident version and install the new version. Usually this is because we are making use of new or updated code libraries or made changes to the Trident platform. While we don't like requiring an reinstall, it's not so bad because the new install will keep all your projects and settings (held in your install directory's "workspace" directory) when you install it in the same location. This will be less of an inconvenience in the future.

When you download Trident from, you're always downloading the latest complete version of Trident, including all the updates. When you purchase a Trident 2.0 license you are entitled to all the releases and updates of Trident with numbers 2.X.X.