Customer Testimonials

Below are testimonials from a few of our valued customers who have benefited from our software and support.

   "Trident has been a fantastic tool that has enabled me to go from knowing nothing about SCORM to deploying a finished SCORM-compliant application in just a few days. The tool itself is really user-friendly and works extremely well offering extensive functionality such as the ability to edit source files and preview the end package. I really am delighted with it and every time I got stuck there was excellent support."

Andrew Field -

   " Thanks, and as I say, a great product - after buying it primarily to check / build manifests I have just discovered the LMS comms stuff to let me view all the info sent to and received from my SCO! Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant."

Gaius Coffey -

   "Trident is almost perfect. If I could test my content packages in a simulated run-time environment without having to save it to a ZIP and upload to my LMS it would be complete. Keep up the good work." (Your feedback has been heard. This feature was added in Trident 2.0.)

Anonymous Feedback (submitted via Trident)

   "Your product has helped me with learning Scorm Sequencing and Navigation immensely."

Mike Johnson - Senior Software Developer, Pal-Tech, Inc.

   "Your support has been excellent. Thank you."

Abbie Carter - Manager, Training Europe, Middle East & Africa Engineering & Construction, Trimble

   "SCORM is not as hard as I thought it was. Trident is a powerful tool."

Anonymous Feedback (submitted via Trident)

   "Trident is awesome! I love watching the green check-marks appear as my manifest file is validated."

Anonymous Feedback (submitted via Trident)

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